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Prototype version, read below please

(Section 2.1 Brief explanation. Section 3.2 reasons to publish at this stage)

Do you know your keyboard layout well enough to compete against others?

This might be the game for you!

1.1 In this early version, the challenge is to find the right key from A-Z in a timelimit that gets shorter the further you go! A simple game to load up and play for a while to get that new high score and train your typing speed!

1.2 In the next versions, i'd like to add a mode where you have to write whole words 3-5 and 7-9 letters long, fight against an asteroid field with math problems and much more! (With enough interest i could consider getting some basic programming stuff as a minigame too.)

2.1 I want to create an educational gaming experience by mixing math and typing problems for kids and provide an entertaining platform in the meanwhile.

3.1 Although one problem is that while i would love to bring this in it's full experience, i do not have the time at this moment.

3.2 That's why i created this project. This at the moment acts as a funding platform for this project, for if this project can gain enough interest, i can finally continue this knowing that the whole thing won't go to waste.

If you have any ideas for the game feel free to send them to insomniaart1@gmail.com and we will see how it goes!

Let's make education a bit more fun again!

PS: At this moment i can't offer Linux or Mac-versions because i can't test them, Linux will be the first to get support if the project gathers interest.

if you do feel like you just want to play this version of the game, ask me at insomniaart1@gmail.com i'll send it for free, as this project is only for raising interest and possible funding

Edit(May 11 2017): not to be sold or used commercially without permission



1. Download TypeUp32 or TypeUp64 depending on your OS

2. Extract the files and navigate to TypeUp\WindowsNoEditor\TypeUp.exe

3. Create shortcut for TypeUp.exe (optional)

4. Launch TypeUp.exe


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Nice start. need more gamemodes, but I think that it can be very addictieve simple educational project