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UPDATE: 21.06.2017 - As a thanks to the Unreal community, i'm giving these guys away for free from now on.

Note: DungeonModels.rar includes all assets mentioned down below, the other downloads are there if you only want some of the models

Basic Info

All images are from an Unreal Engine Project

All Models in FBX format, Download file in RAR

Model Descriptions below

All of the models are UV-Mapped and are good to go. The weapons origins are set so it's easier to set it to another model (like a hand etc.)

All of the textures and materials are Unreal Engine 4 free to use materials (some from the GTFreeMaterials pack on the store)and are not included

With more support to the pack i may include my own textures and maybe more stuff.

What's Included

- Anvil (Model should be remade later)

- Barrel

- Big Beer Barrel (May Need a new UV-map)

- Cage

- Cage Chain (the chain seen over the Cage in images)

- Cage Door (Included apart from the Cage)

- Cage w Ivy* (Cage with an ivy stuck onto it's side)

- Fireplace (Needs renaming and a new model)

- Grindstone (This is the base for the stone)

- Grindstone_Stone (The stone itself, it's apart from the normal model so it can be animated)

- GrindstoneHang_Stone (Weirdly named, this is a part of the grindstone used for holding the stone in it's place)

- Pipes

- Pipes_Ivy*

- WeaponRack

* Models with ivy do not necessarily fit well into places with a lot of complicated models and have a somewhat high polycount.


- Axe

- Double_Bladed_Axe

- Katana (Need's Remapping)

- Spiked Club

- Sword

- Wand

A Few test models

- BSP_Vent_Ceiling

- Tomb_BigRoof_End (Needs UV-Remapping)

- Tomb_ BigRoof_Straight (UV-Remap)

- Tomb_Wall_1 (Wall that has a place for 2 tombs)

- Tomb_Wall_2 (Curved wall)


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DungeonModels.rar 1 MB
Anvil.FBX 15 kB
Barrel.fbx 45 kB
Big_Beer_Barrel.fbx 56 kB
Cage.fbx 34 kB
Cage_Chain.fbx 23 kB
Cage_Door.fbx 17 kB
Cage_Ivy.fbx 245 kB
FirePlace.FBX 24 kB
GrindStone.fbx 34 kB
GrindStone_Stone.fbx 21 kB
GrindStoneHang_Stone.fbx 19 kB
Pipes.fbx 38 kB
Pipes_Ivy.fbx 763 kB
WeaponRack.fbx 20 kB
BSP_Floor.FBX 16 kB
BSP_Vent_Ceiling.FBX 22 kB
Tomb_BigRoof_End.fbx 22 kB
Tomb_BigRoof_Straight.fbx 18 kB
Tomb_Wall_1.fbx 45 kB
Tomb_Wall_2.fbx 18 kB
Axe.fbx 38 kB
Double_Bladed_Axe.fbx 39 kB
Katana.fbx 21 kB
Spiked_Club.fbx 56 kB
Sword.fbx 158 kB
Wand1.fbx 16 kB

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